Rent Deadpool 2 Onine – Journey from Wade Wilson to Deadpool

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There are a lot of similarities between the powers of X-Men Member Wolverine and Deadpool. But, what makes Deadpool different from rest of X-Men members is that he isn’t a mutant. He (Wade Wilson) wasn’t even born in with any special powers and his powers are not a result of any radioactive mishap like most other Marvel superheroes. He used to be a regular human being, who worked as a Canadian freelancer mercenary, until he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.


He wanted to get rid of the cancer, so he decided to undergo an experimental treatment from a shady organization which instead of curing his cancer, makes him a superhuman with ultimate healing capacity – because none of his cells are now unable to die, including the cancer cells. This basically makes his immortal, but the price he has to pay with his forever scarred face; thus he covers it under a mask.


However, in the original timeline, the story of Wade Wilson goes on a different note. Just like Wolverine, young Wade Wilson also joins the elite team of superpowered mutants called ‘Team X’. In the team, he acts as the prefect soldier in the form of killing machine. However, six years later, the Team X disbands and Wade was captured and taken to Stryker’s base where he was being experimented upon for the Weapon XI Project. From here, he gets converted into Deadpool. Let us see, how the story of the connection between Deadpool and X-Men unfolds on 18th may; the release date of Deadpool 2.

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